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Sometimes, I can’t decide what to wear to work to a restaurant, on a shopping trip, or to my place of worship. This feeling is defeating. Besides being late for an engagement, I get anxious. During these times, I reach for the one item in my closet that always seems to improve my style instantly: the right pair of shoes. Regardless of what type of outfit I’m struggling with, the perfect pair of shoes can instantly dress it up or down. For instance, a pair of cowboy boots paired with a dress completes a beautiful casual look. Or, a pair of red patent leather heels adds effortless elegance to a pair of jeans and a crisp white shirt. On this blog, you will learn the many ways to create a distinct style with shoes.

Tips For Having Your Wedding Dress Altered

23 September 2018
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When it comes to planning a wedding, choosing the perfect wedding gown is one of the most exciting times for the bride-to-be. But, if you're a bride-to-be, it is important to know that after you find your dream dress, it can take several months for your gown to be delivered. And when it is delivered, it may not be an absolutely perfect fit unless you have the dress custom made. The majority of brides-to-be need to have their wedding dresses altered before the big day. Read More …

The Pampered Pooch: Does Your Spoiled Pet Have It All?

11 August 2018
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Dogs have been spoiled pets for centuries. Fed from master's tables, coddled in mistresses' laps, and generally spoiled with anything a dog could want, it is no surprise that these animals are so loyal and faithful to those that treat them well. If you are a dog owner, how much do you spoil your pet? Compare what your dog has to everything he/she could have to find out just how spoiled a life your dog really has. Read More …

How to Waterproof Military Boot for Under $5

9 May 2018
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Whether you're gearing up for basic training, or getting ready to ship off to your next post, you need to make sure your military footwear is fully waterproof. Otherwise, you're just going to wind up with wet and cold feet, which can slow you down. Getting your boots fully ready for duty isn't difficult. All you need is a few dollars and a trip to your local hardware store. Read on to learn everything you need to know about waterproofing your military boots for under $5. Read More …

3 Tips for Choosing a Performance Shirt for Fishing

13 March 2018
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Even though fishing often involves a lot of sitting (or standing) and waiting, you can still benefit immensely by purchasing and wearing performance shirts when engaging in the sport. To ensure you get the most of this outdoor wear, here are three tips for picking out performance shirts for fishing. Get the Maximum Sun Protection Possible Being outdoors means you'll be exposed to sunlight. While a small amount of sunshine is necessary for good health (it helps you produce vitamin D), too much of it can be harmful. Read More …

A Few Tips For Buying Your First Wig

8 January 2018
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A wig makes changing your hairstyle easy and convenient. If you want to try short hair but are leery about cutting your own hair, then buying a wig is an ideal solution. Wigs are useful when you suffer with hair loss and they are also very useful when you just want a different look or you want your hair to look nice and you're having a bad hair day. Here are a few tips for buying your first wig. Read More …