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Sometimes, I can’t decide what to wear to work to a restaurant, on a shopping trip, or to my place of worship. This feeling is defeating. Besides being late for an engagement, I get anxious. During these times, I reach for the one item in my closet that always seems to improve my style instantly: the right pair of shoes. Regardless of what type of outfit I’m struggling with, the perfect pair of shoes can instantly dress it up or down. For instance, a pair of cowboy boots paired with a dress completes a beautiful casual look. Or, a pair of red patent leather heels adds effortless elegance to a pair of jeans and a crisp white shirt. On this blog, you will learn the many ways to create a distinct style with shoes.

Three Types Of Slip-On Footwear To Enjoy This Summer

6 July 2021
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Sandals are a popular type of footwear to wear during the summer months, but they're not the only option for you to consider. If you're looking for casual shoes to wear while the weather is warm, several types of slip-on shoes can be appealing. Your local shoe store likely has a wide selection of slip-on footwear, so you'll have no trouble finding a variety of styles that you'll enjoy wearing throughout the summer. Read More …

When Would Your Organization Need Custom Polo Shirts?

28 January 2021
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If you are organizing any kind of big event, are the leader of an established club or official organization, or are a business owner or manager, you've likely considered ordering special matching shirts. Maybe you already have gotten shirts in the past. Your first thought may be to order matching T-shirts, as you likely have many T-shirts from different organizations and events that you've been a part of. However, sometimes polo shirts will have the more formal vibe you want. Read More …

Comfortable Apparel All Men Need For Lazy Days At Home

27 July 2020
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Some days as a man, you have to suit up and head to the office, look your best when you head out of the house, or otherwise wear clothing that is not so comfortable. When you get a day when you plan to just laze around at the house and be as comfortable as possible, there are certain pieces of apparel you really should have in your wardrobe for the occasion. Read More …

3 Ways To Make Your Work Uniform Stand Out

15 May 2020
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Work uniforms help to create a professional appearance with the public, setting apart team members from anyone else who may be in the store or factory. However, since many people can feel like uniforms make them blend in, you can make little changes to create a truly unique look. Here are three ways to make your work uniform stand out.  1. Ask About Supplemental Pieces Oftentimes, employers offer options to their employees when it comes to work uniforms, offering everything from polos and specific khakis to vests, hats, and even alternate shirts. Read More …

Need Extra Cash To Fund Your Gap Year? He’s Some Painless Ways To Raise It!

15 October 2019
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If you are feeling burned out by school and have decided you want to take a gap year to explore Europe between high school and college, then today is the day you need to start figuring out how you will fund your future travels. Although there are inexpensive hostiles you can stay in and other frugal ways to enjoy Europe as a young adult, you will still need a significant amount of money for airfare and to pay for your rail passes. Read More …