3 Tips for Choosing a Performance Shirt for Fishing

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3 Tips for Choosing a Performance Shirt for Fishing

13 March 2018
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Even though fishing often involves a lot of sitting (or standing) and waiting, you can still benefit immensely by purchasing and wearing performance shirts when engaging in the sport. To ensure you get the most of this outdoor wear, here are three tips for picking out performance shirts for fishing.

Get the Maximum Sun Protection Possible

Being outdoors means you'll be exposed to sunlight. While a small amount of sunshine is necessary for good health (it helps you produce vitamin D), too much of it can be harmful. Since skin cancer is the most common type of cancer people develop—causing about 5.4 million cases annually—it's important you take steps to minimize the amount of ultraviolet rays you absorb while you're striving to catch your prize.

Although sunscreen can be an effective shield against UV rays, the biggest drawback to depending on this product is that it only works for short periods of time. It must be reapplied frequently throughout the day. For long days of fishing, your best option for protection is to purchase sun-blocking clothing.

Thus, long-sleeved performance shirts can be immensely helpful in this area as long as you get shirts that provide a good amount of UV protection. This means looking for apparel with high UPF (ultraviolet performance factor) ratings. The higher the number the less the amount of sunlight the shirt lets through to the skin. For instance, a shirt with a 50 UPF rating will only let 1/50th of the amount of sunlight pass. This will significantly reduce the amount of UV light you're exposed to and lower your risk of getting skin cancer.

Opt for Sweat-Wicking Materials

If you plan on fishing when it's hot outside, then getting performance shirts made in sweat-wicking materials is a must. There's nothing worse than having to sit in your sweat all day. Not only can this make you feel hot, but the sweat may dry on the skin and cause itching, which can make it difficult to concentrate on catching fish.

To avoid this outcome, pick shirts made from materials made from polyester, spandex, nylon, elastane, or any other synthetic fabric. You want to avoid shirts made from cotton because, surprisingly, cotton does a fairly poor job of removing moisture from the skin and it won't keep you as cool as shirts made from synthetic fabrics.

Another thing you want to look for in this area are shirts that incorporate microbials, especially around the armpits. Microbials help kill germs which can cause odors. It's a given that you'll be sweating while fishing. The problem is the sweat contains odor causing bacterial that often cling to the shirt even after washing, which means your shirt may continue to smell regardless of how many times you put it in the washer. Buying a performance shirt with built-in microbials cuts down on this issue, allowing you to keep and wear your shirts for longer periods of time.

Loose and Lightweight

Since you need your full range of motion when fishing, it's important you get shirts that are loose and lightweight. Lightweight shirts let you layer clothing. Thus, you can control how cold/warm you are at any given time of the day by bundling up in the mornings when it tends to be cooler and then taking off clothing in the afternoon when it gets warmer.

Lastly, as noted before, you want to get shirts that fit a little loose so you can move freely. The last thing you want is to secure a catch but lose it because the shirt makes it difficult to move your arms the way you need to.

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