The Pampered Pooch: Does Your Spoiled Pet Have It All?

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The Pampered Pooch: Does Your Spoiled Pet Have It All?

11 August 2018
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Dogs have been spoiled pets for centuries. Fed from master's tables, coddled in mistresses' laps, and generally spoiled with anything a dog could want, it is no surprise that these animals are so loyal and faithful to those that treat them well. If you are a dog owner, how much do you spoil your pet? Compare what your dog has to everything he/she could have to find out just how spoiled a life your dog really has.

Engraved Dog Tag Necklaces

Whether it is a military dog tag necklace, or a literal dog tag, engraving machines are now at every pet store. The machines use lasers for engraving, and you can put up to three lines of copy on each side of the tag. The tags themselves can be simple and plain all the way up to rhinestone-studded and colored chrome. What does your dog's custom metal tag say about him/her?

Studded or Light-up Collars

Do you want to see your dog in the dark when he/she goes in the yard? You are in luck. Buy your pooch a precious-stone-studded collar, a chrome-studded collar, or a light-up collar that will easily help you spot him/her at night. If your four-legged child is really spoiled, he/she has all of the above and wears them like fashion accessories, choosing whichever one you want him/her to sport on any given day.

Fur Coats and Designer Clothes

Fur coats and designer clothes make the dog, apparently. So do Italian leather doggy boots to protect your dog's foot pads in cold or wet weather. Big-name fashion designers have even branched out to create matching doggy and owner outfits, which you can either purchase together or separately, as you see fit. In some cases, dog owners have dogs that are better dressed than the owners themselves!

Posturepedic Dog Beds Lined with Real Fur or Real Silk

If your dog has a bad back and regularly sees a dog chiropractor, then maybe your dog needs an orthopedic doggy bed. Some of these doggy beds go beyond being corrective, plush, and posh. They are lined with real fur or real Chinese silk to provide ultimate comfort and luxury to your pet. For a "few" extra dollars, you can buy such a dog bed with massaging vibration to help take the aches and pains out of your dog's legs and back, an ideal addition for a dog with arthritis.