How to Waterproof Military Boot for Under $5

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How to Waterproof Military Boot for Under $5

9 May 2018
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Whether you're gearing up for basic training, or getting ready to ship off to your next post, you need to make sure your military footwear is fully waterproof. Otherwise, you're just going to wind up with wet and cold feet, which can slow you down. Getting your boots fully ready for duty isn't difficult. All you need is a few dollars and a trip to your local hardware store. Read on to learn everything you need to know about waterproofing your military boots for under $5.

Purchase the Wax

While inexpensive, one of the best types of wax to waterproof your military footwear is a simple wax toilet ring -- yes the same one that gets installed under your toilet. This rugged and durable wax shouldn't cost you more than a few dollars.

Clean Your Boots

Even if your boots look clean, make sure you thoroughly give them a good scrub. If you don't remove all the debris before applying wax, you're only going to bury that dirt into your boots, which can lead to cracking. Remove the laces and clean all outer surfaces. 

Warm Up Your Boots and Wax

Leave your boots and wax out for at least a few hours in a warm spot. You can leave them near a heating vent, next to a sunny window, or in front of your oven when it's hot. Not only does this help your boots fully dry, it also makes leather and wax softer and easier to work with before applying.

Apply and Buff

Once your boots and wax are warm to the touch, start liberally rubbing the wax on all outer surfaces of your boots. Avoid getting the wax on any plastic parts or on the sole, but it's okay to go over the stitching. After thoroughly coating your boots with wax, place them back in the same warm spot for at least an hour. This helps that soft wax seep into any hard-to-get creases before buffing. The last thing you have to do is buff away any excess wax and shine your boots as desired.

With rigorous daily use of your military footwear, you're probably going to have to reapply the wax about every month or so. If you start noticing that water is seeping in, it's time to consider setting aside some time to reapply the wax. This durable wax should last you though extreme temperatures, plenty of mud, and rough weather. Plus, it's convenient enough to take with you and add to your military gear pack if you're out working for long periods.

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