Comfortable Apparel All Men Need For Lazy Days At Home

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Sometimes, I can’t decide what to wear to work to a restaurant, on a shopping trip, or to my place of worship. This feeling is defeating. Besides being late for an engagement, I get anxious. During these times, I reach for the one item in my closet that always seems to improve my style instantly: the right pair of shoes. Regardless of what type of outfit I’m struggling with, the perfect pair of shoes can instantly dress it up or down. For instance, a pair of cowboy boots paired with a dress completes a beautiful casual look. Or, a pair of red patent leather heels adds effortless elegance to a pair of jeans and a crisp white shirt. On this blog, you will learn the many ways to create a distinct style with shoes.

Comfortable Apparel All Men Need For Lazy Days At Home

27 July 2020
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Some days as a man, you have to suit up and head to the office, look your best when you head out of the house, or otherwise wear clothing that is not so comfortable. When you get a day when you plan to just laze around at the house and be as comfortable as possible, there are certain pieces of apparel you really should have in your wardrobe for the occasion. Many guys are pretty good about picking out what they need to look good, but when it comes to comfort, you may need a few pointers. Here are three apparel pieces to keep in your closet for the days you have nothing to do but hang out and be comfortable. 

Stay comfortable with a men's ultra-soft flowy tee.

Ultra-soft flowy tee shirts are typically made of lightweight cotton fabrics, which will keep you cool and comfortable, especially when they are a loose fit. Opt for tee shirts that do not have a lot of graphics if you want true comfort. Many tee shirts with graphics are heavier and not quite as cool and comfortable. A soft, flowy tee works well whether you are just chilling and watching television on the couch or out working in the yard. 

Pair your flowy tee with some stretchy mesh shorts.

Stretchy mesh shorts are the go-to piece of apparel for men who want to stay comfortable and move freely when they get up and walk. These shorts are often referred to as basketball shorts or athletic shorts because they have a similar makeup as what athletes wear when then they play the game. With an elastic waistband, loosely designed legs, and mesh fabric, you can stay cool and comfortable no matter what you are doing. And, these shorts pair really well with a loose men's ultra soft flowy tee shirt. 

Opt for a flowy tee and flannel pajama pants at night. 

When the sun goes down and you're ready to get comfortable for the night, skip the stuffy pajamas with buttons and sleeves and instead reach for a soft tee shirt and your flannel pajama pants. Tee shirts make the best sleeping apparel already, but flannel pajama pants can really keep you comfortable as well. Even though flannel is often associated with warm, you can find thin cotton flannel pajama pants that are just fine for wearing to bed in the summer when the temps are a bit higher.