Why You May Need To Get A Dress Shirt Shortened

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Why You May Need To Get A Dress Shirt Shortened

14 September 2021
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There are many alterations that a local tailor can make to help a men's dress shirt fit better. If your arms are a little on the shorter side, you might want the sleeves of the garment shortened, while another common alteration is to take in the sides of the shirt to give it a slimmer fit. Another option that you might not always think about is getting the body of the shirt shortened. Your tailor can take off a specified amount of material from the bottom of the shirt with ease and stitch a new hem to give this part of the garment a tidy look. There are several reasons that you may favor getting your dress shirt shortened.

Less Bulk When Tucked In

Some men's dress shirts are extremely long, and while this can prevent them from easily coming untucked, there's a drawback to this length. You may find that the bottom of the shirt adds a lot of bulk when tucked in. If you have a slender build, you may feel that this bulk makes you look bigger than you are. This can especially be true if you're wearing dress pants that have a slim style. When your tailor shortens the dress shirt, less material will be tucked into your pants, resulting in less bulk.

Ability To Wear It Untucked

Some men enjoy wearing dress shirts untucked. While you wouldn't wear this garment in this manner with dress pants, an untucked dress shirt can often look good with jeans. Unfortunately, you may not have the look that you want if the shirt is too long. The bottom of the garment will hang down way too far, perhaps even extending below any jacket that you wear. When you hire a tailor to alter the shirt by shortening its length, you'll likely find that it's perfect for wearing untucked with a pair of jeans.

Less Space In Your Suitcase

If you travel a lot for work and you have to pack a number of dress shirts, the extra material from shirts that are longer than necessary can take up valuable space in your luggage. For example, the total extra material from four or five dress shirts for a weeklong trip can be significant. This may especially be a concern to you if you favor using a carry-on suitcase instead of checking a suitcase. Your shirts will take up less space in your suitcase when you get them shortened. Coupled with the above benefits, this may be a change that you're eager to pursue.