3 Unique Types of Crotchless Panties

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3 Unique Types of Crotchless Panties

15 December 2021
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If you want to surprise your partner with a new piece of lingerie, you have many different options to consider. An online lingerie retailer carries garments that range from suitable for everyday use to perfect for kinky encounters. One option that fits into the latter category is crotchless panties. Known for having an open section in the front/bottom region, these panties are available in many styles and materials. While you might favor a simple pair of crotchless panties, you might also wish to browse examples of this garment that are a little more unique. Here are some examples.

Panties With Jewelry

You'll find a lot of crotchless panties that incorporate some type of jewelry around the opening in the garment. For example, these pieces of lingerie can often have a string of pearls or beads that stretches across the opening. This type of garment can be a fun choice for those who like the idea of bedazzling themselves. Your partner will be surprised to see that you're wearing crotchless panties once you reveal the garment, and likely even more surprised when they notice the sexy pieces of jewelry that are on display in this area.

Panties With Zippers

Another popular type of crotchless panties is a garment that has a zipper around the opening. This design element allows you to be flexible with the look and use of this lingerie. For example, you might like to keep the zipper closed when you're playfully teasing your partner, but then open it when the time is right. Or, you might ask them to open it for you. You'll often find zippers on crotchless panties that have a leather look. This lingerie may have other metal decorative elements throughout.

Panties With an Open Back

While you might choose to buy crotchless panties because of the opening at the front of this garment, you'll also find panties that have an additional opening at the rear. These panties reveal a lot of your body, which can be a fun option if you want to increase your partner's excitement. This lingerie can vary considerably in design. Some pieces consist of little more than a few strands of material, while others look more like conventional underwear but with two distinct holes. Generally, the back hole is larger, revealing a considerable percentage of your buttocks. Browse your kinky lingerie website to find a pair of these panties in a style that catches your eye.

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