Need Extra Cash To Fund Your Gap Year? He's Some Painless Ways To Raise It!

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Need Extra Cash To Fund Your Gap Year? He's Some Painless Ways To Raise It!

15 October 2019
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If you are feeling burned out by school and have decided you want to take a gap year to explore Europe between high school and college, then today is the day you need to start figuring out how you will fund your future travels.

Although there are inexpensive hostiles you can stay in and other frugal ways to enjoy Europe as a young adult, you will still need a significant amount of money for airfare and to pay for your rail passes. In addition, feeding yourself, doing laundry, and using a cell phone all have costs you will need to cover while you are overseas.

There are many things you should start doing to fatten up your savings account as much as possible before your trip. Read below to see these tips.

Work a Part-Time Job and Save Your Income

Since you cannot legally work in Europe when traveling on a tourist visa, you need to work and earn as much income as possible before you leave. Even if you can only work at a fast food place on the weekends, every dollar you earn and save will be more enjoyment on your trip.

Sell Electronics and Other Items You Won't Want When You Return

While you might love your new gaming system or high-end laptop, how will you really feel about it when you return back to the states and its obsolete and no longer has any value?

The answer to this problem is to sell any items you will likely replace upon your return or that your future self will no longer need or want. Use the revenue the items generate to help fund your upcoming epic gap year trip.

Sell Unwanted Clothing at a Consignment Shop

Being a student typically means having an extensive wardrobe full of designer clothing items and accessories. And, by the time you return from a year in Europe, all of those items of clothing, pairs of shoes, and handbags will be out of fashion.

Thankfully, you can easily sell these items for top-dollar at a local consignment shop that specializes in high-end goods. So-called designer resale shops are very popular with both buyers and sellers because they offer an alternative to buying and selling online with the inherent risks that come with that option.

As a seller, you simply bring your clean items to the resale shop and they will sell them to their customers. Once sold, you will receive payment for a predetermined percentage of the sales price.

Bring your clothing into a consignment shop like J'Adore Boutique to make extra money.