A Few Tips For Buying Your First Wig

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A Few Tips For Buying Your First Wig

8 January 2018
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A wig makes changing your hairstyle easy and convenient. If you want to try short hair but are leery about cutting your own hair, then buying a wig is an ideal solution. Wigs are useful when you suffer with hair loss and they are also very useful when you just want a different look or you want your hair to look nice and you're having a bad hair day. Here are a few tips for buying your first wig.

Choose A Color That Matches Your Own Hair

If you're a little uncertain about wearing a wig, one thing you can do that makes the transition a little easier is to buy a wig with a style and color that is similar to your natural hair. Your friends and coworkers may not even realize you're wearing a wig. Once you feel comfortable wearing a wig, you may want to buy a few different ones with various lengths of hair and in different colors so you can completely change your look when you want.

Buy A Wig With Synthetic Hair

Quality synthetic wigs look almost as natural as human hair but they cost much less than wigs made from human hair. If you're not sure if wearing a wig is the right choice for you, then buying a less expensive wig is the best way to start. Just opt for a high quality synthetic wig so that it doesn't look fake and make you feel self-conscious. Once you decide you like wearing the wig, especially if you're wearing it because of hair loss, you may want to buy an expensive wig made of human hair that has a more natural bounce and movement to it. A wig made from human hair lasts longer and it can be styled just your real hair.

Choose The Best Construction

Wigs are made in different ways. A lace front wig is constructed of lace in the front that allows your scalp to show through. This is a good style if you plan to expose your hairline in the front by sweeping back the hair. Less expensive wigs are made by machine wefting. These are a little heavier and hotter to wear because of the way the hair is attached to the cap. Monofilament wigs are much lighter and they allow your scalp to show through where the hair is parted. The construction you choose depends on the hairstyle of the wig and the price you want to pay.

Comfort may be another issue since you may not be able to tolerate wearing a wig that makes your head feel hot. This is another reason it could be a good idea to start by buying a few inexpensive wigs. Then, you can find one with a style and method of construction that feels comfortable when you wear the wig all day.