Unique Stone Jewelry Pieces You Need In Your Wardrobe

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Unique Stone Jewelry Pieces You Need In Your Wardrobe

12 January 2017
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Owning beautiful jewelry from a place like Northgate Products is a great way to express your personality and make your outfits really stand out. If you like to be truly unique with your styles, you want to make sure you choose gold and silver stone-set jewelry accessories that offer a sense of pizazz. Eccentric jewelry pieces are all about quirky appeal and bold colors or designs, and certainly allow you to make a large statement. Here are some unique stone pieces you need in your wardrobe to really shine in any venue.


The moonstone is a whimsical stone perfect for adorning your body when you want to let your feminine side out. Varying in shades of color from a milky white to a rich pastel purple, blue, or even a surprising orange or brown. The beautiful stone itself may not appear to be truly unique, but its powers certainly are. The moonstone has been used as a power stone for centuries, used to aid in female health and reproduction as well as to provide a sense of confidence and power to the wearer. Choose a large moonstone cocktail ring in a round or oval sterling silver setting to make you feel like a powerful diva with any outfit you wear, or wear the stone in its raw form in a wrap necklace or bracelet.


This is a stunning stone that has a transparent, crystal-like appeal, and comes in a variety of vibrant and rich hues that glitter and shine in any light. Tourmaline can be found all over the world and is simply divine when placed in a large cocktail ring or set inside a necklace pendant. Commonly found in pink or rich blue colors, this stone is almost like glass and can be worn raw or shaped like a diamond for exotic appeal.

Mystic quartz

If you love a colorful stone that shimmers in every light to make you stand out in the room, then the mystic quartz is the perfect fashion accessory for you. This stone is partly man-made with a colorful coating placed over a sheer stone for an effect that looks like an oil spill in water. You can wear this trending stone with any date night outfit to sparkle and shine all night long. Mystic quartz earrings or wrap bracelets are beautiful options you can pair with statement clothing.

If you love accessories, then don't forget about the beautiful stones that can help you stand out. Choose your stones based on color and rarity to give you the best accessories for your wardrobe.