Cool Ways To Create A Whole New Wardrobe Out Of Your Old Jeans

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Cool Ways To Create A Whole New Wardrobe Out Of Your Old Jeans

17 June 2016
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Jeans are often a staple of many wardrobes for both men and women, which is proven by the fact that roughly 450 million jeans are sold throughout the U.S. each year. Interestingly enough, a woman's wardrobe typically consists of an average of 8 pairs of jeans. In other words, when your jeans become worn or dirty and you think it's time for them to hit the trash bin, think again. There are many wonderful ways you can recreate a whole new style of pants using all of those old jeans you have stored in your closet.

Give Your Jeans a Bleach Bath

Perhaps you don't want to really give your jeans an actual bleach bath, but bleach can be used to change the look of your jeans. For instance, say you have an old pair of dark wash jeans that are looking worn and stained. You can use bleach to breathe new life into your jeans.

One way to create a new look is to purchase a bleach pen. Use the fine tip of the bleach pen to draw designs and patterns on your jeans. By doing this, you will be able to create a pair of jeans that are unlike any others. You will have a pair of jeans that are just as unique as you are.

Another option is to pour a mixture of one-part bleach to three parts water into a bucket and dip the hem of your jeans into them. This will allow you to create an ombre look with your jeans. You can choose to wear them as is or you can add studs or designs using a fabric paint on the lighter colored hemline.

Finally, take your jeans and start twisting them around in different areas. Secure the twisted places together with thick rubber bands to hold them in place. This is similar to what you would do if you were tie-dying a shirt, only this time, you will be dipping your jeans in bleach. When you rinse them off, you will have successfully created an acid wash look for your jeans, which is great at covering up any stains.

Turn Your Jeans into a Canvas for Art

Another option is to treat your old, worn out jeans as though they are a canvas for your creativity. Fabric and acrylic paints can go a long way toward creating a new look out of your old jeans. You can also use a fine-tip permanent marker. Use the marker, fabric paint, or acrylic paint to paint patterns, florals, and designs all over your jeans.

If you have ever worn your jeans while painting the walls of a house and splattered paint on them, you may think that your jeans are now done for. Fortunately, you can use acrylic paints to save them. Take your jeans outside or lay a sheet of plastic underneath them. Use a foam paint brush, dip it into the acrylic paint and splatter it across your jeans. Now those old splatter marks will instantly blend in, therefore creating a cool, trendy look for your jeans

New Jeans Work Just Fine, Too

You can use your creative side on new jeans as well as old jeans. For instance, if you like to let your creative side show, you can purchase a standard pair of American blue jeans and spruce them up with bleach and paint. Fortunately, your creativity allows you to create a wardrobe that is all your own.

You can keep your unique-looking jeans for yourself or you can gift them to someone else. Keep in mind that by re-purposing your jeans and breathing new life into them, you can cut back on the estimated 65 pounds of clothing that Americans toss into the trash each year. Contact a company like American made clothing by All USA Clothing for more information.