Footloose, Foottight, Foot Arched Right: What You Need To Know About Socks That Heal

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Footloose, Foottight, Foot Arched Right: What You Need To Know About Socks That Heal

22 June 2015
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Clothing is one key factor that can help you feel better -- but some clothing is designed to help out more than others. With the recent convergence of natural and pharmaceutical methods of treating the diseases and conditions that can plague the human body comes a rise in the popularity of articles of clothing -- like socks -- that purport to help you achieve better health. If you're curious about exactly what kinds of 'healthy socks' are out there and what they can do for you, then here's what you need to know.

Give them a squeeze

Poor circulation in your feet and lower legs can lead to all sorts of problems, like edema and blood clots. However, compression socks and stockings can help squeeze your feet and legs, which helps the blood to flow through more regularly and thus staves off these nasty conditions. They're not just useful for dangerous, life-threatening conditions, however -- compression socks can help reduce cosmetic difficulties like spider and varicose veins, and offer relief to those pregnant women whose blood flow is obstructed from getting near the legs by her expanding uterus.

Hang loose

Diabetes, along with its myriad other effects, tends to increase your chances of foot ulcers as it raises your blood sugar. One way to combat this is through the use of so-called 'diabetic socks'. These special socks are non-binding and non-elastic, helping to promote healthy blood flow throughout the foot. They also fight against infection that can run rampant as a result of diabetes by wicking away the moisture that tends to collect on diabetic feet. As an added bonus, the loose fit of these socks can help to reduce pressure on the foot and thus mitigate the risk of blistering. You can find diabetic socks for women and men in different styles to match your wardrobe.

De-feet the arch nemesis

Falling arches -- often associated with conditions such as plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and some forms of arthritis -- can be extremely painful and debilitating, especially if your profession requires you to be on your feet all day. The sharp, shooting pains that come with falling arches can be controlled with the proper footwear, however. Socks with added arch protection help to stop your arches from falling and give them the support they need -- usually through an elastic band sewn into the sock at the arch area -- to keep their shape. These socks are most effective when coupled with an arch support insert and the proper footwear such as well-fitting tennis shoes.