Adult Plus-Sized Ballet Apparel: You Deserve To Look Your Best While Being Comfortable

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Adult Plus-Sized Ballet Apparel: You Deserve To Look Your Best While Being Comfortable

15 May 2015
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Whether you took ballet lessons as a child or have recently decided to start as an adult, you may not be comfortable with the typical ballet apparel. If you are plus sized, the problem is even more real. However, you can find clothing to wear that will fit comfortably, provide you with the freedom to move as necessary and look good while you are doing it. When shopping for something to wear to your lesson, consider the following tips.

The Top Half

Having to wear the typical leotard with thin or spaghetti straps that fits tightly to your body may be something that keeps you from going to class. Instead, find a leotard with short sleeves and a round neckline. This will provide ample coverage for your chest and upper arms. Leotards are going to fit your body snugly. However, you can go with one a size bigger than what you would normally wear to keep it from looking too stretched out. An alternative is to go with a top instead. The top should not be loose enough to get in your way as you move, but does not have to show off every bump and curve either.

The Bottom Half

If you have decided on a leotard, go with a leg cut that covers your hip area completely. You can wear a pair of shorts or a dance skirt over it too. Again, you may not want the shorts or skirt to be so fitting as to emphasize body parts you are trying to cover. However, they need to be flexible enough for you to perform all the different dance moves without fear of tearing something. You may choose to wear tights or not, depending on the weather and what your instructor requires. 


When first starting out, you will want to wear ballet slippers with a full sole. Typical split-sole slippers require some strength in your feet or you will hurt more than you should. Any additional weight you may be carrying will also cause your feet to ache until you build up some strength in them.

The decision to start taking ballet classes as a plus–sized adult should be applauded. You are doing something you want to do while exercising to improve your overall health. Do not let yourself become self-conscious because of what you are wearing. Take a bit of time and find ballet dance apparel that will not only look and feel good, but increase your confidence.