Four Handbag Fashions For Springtime

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Four Handbag Fashions For Springtime

4 March 2015
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With spring just around the corner, it's time to start rotating out your winter apparel and accessories, and bringing in some fresh, new spring looks. One of the items that often gets overlooked when building spring collections is handbags. If you want your spring style to look balanced and creative, try adding a few handbags with the following elements to your closet.

Embroidered Patterns

Embroidered patterns are perfect for spring, because they tend to be carefree and whimsical. Look for knit bags with embroidered flowers, swirl patterns, or even entire scenes. These work well with casual apparel. Embroidered bags tend to be soft and look good with flowing skirts and loose, Bohemian-style tops in the spring. If you have a plain knit bag laying around, having some embroidery added to it is a good way to revive it and bring it back into style again.

Printed Material

Is your closet stuck in solids? Many people don't have enough prints in their wardrobe, but choosing a printed handbag is a good way to slowly venture into printed styles. Look for small prints that feature little flowers, butterflies, or bees for a fresh springtime look, or choose bolder, big floral prints if you want to make a loud statement. A printed clutch with a light base color can even help bring some of your darker clothing items, such as that little black dress, into springtime.

Pastel Leather

Leather handbags are always great choices because they're resistant to wear and stains. However, a black or brown leather purse does not look very spring-like. Shop instead of pastel leather bags. You'll find light green, blue and even yellow bags at many retailers as the seasons begin to change. If you think this style looks too lighthearted, look for bags with a few buckles and metal embellishments to balance out the girly colors.

Drawstring Bags

Spring is when you start venturing outside more often, and many times, this calls for bringing along extra gear, such as a water bottle, sunglasses, and perhaps even an extra pair of flip flops. Larger, drawstring bags are great for this type of use, and they're very stylish in the springtime, thanks to their relaxed build. Many are made from printed or embroidered material.

This spring, don't let the black and brown handbags you used all winter drag your style down. Go shopping for a spring handbag or two, keeping the fashions above in mind. Your entire outfit will look fresher and lighter.