What Type Of Material Are Cowboy Boots Made From?

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What Type Of Material Are Cowboy Boots Made From?

3 March 2015
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If you're looking to buy a pair of cowboy boots online, then you should investigate the different types of skins used in making them. Unlike regular shoes, cowboy boots are made from a variety of exotic leathers. There are some subtle and not so subtle differences between them that can affect how you wear them and how long they last.

Here's a quick overview of the most popular types of materials:


The most popular material is cowhide. This is because it is not expensive, provides excellent waterproof qualities, and has a smooth finish. These boots are also extremely durable. This makes the perfect for everyday wear. These are the original cowboy boots. They take daily abuse well. If you're working on the farm, or in the stable, then this material is perfect. Also, cowhide shines up really well. So, when you're done working you can dust the boots off and shine them up for a night out on the town.


Snakeskin is really popular because it has such a beautiful pattern. The primary snake used in making boots is the rattlesnake. These are best to be used as dress boots. They are not as durable as cowhide boots. You should try and avoid getting these boots wet. They also need to be treated occasionally with oils so that they don't crack and dry out.


Ostrich skin boots have become popular because ostriches can be easily domesticated and raised on farms. These boots are similar to cowhide in that they have excellent waterproof qualities. The texture of the skin is where they differ significantly. Many people like the bumps that ostrich boots have. This is due to leaving the "quill bump" in during the process of making the boot.

Ostrich boots are durable, but many people choose them for their decorative features. The intricate design and the "bumps" make these boots a truly unique look.

Alligator and Lizard

Alligator and lizard boots are renowned for their distinctive patterns. They are also extremely shiny. They are not as durable as cowhide or ostrich skin. These boots are more suited for dress occasions. They also require a bit of care, otherwise they can dry out, crack, and become distressed looking.

Unlike ostrich and cowhide, lizard and alligator skin have scales. These require special attention when it comes to care. You have to be careful to keep the boot properly moisturized otherwise the scales can begin to separate. To learn more, contact a company like Cowpokes for help.