Order Custom T-Shirts Before A Bachelorette Party

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Order Custom T-Shirts Before A Bachelorette Party

26 July 2022
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Bachelorette parties can take several different forms, but this occasion is always an opportunity for a bride and her friends to get together for a day of fun. Regardless of how you're planning to spend your day, you'll want to think carefully about how you dress. A popular idea is to get custom T-shirts made for everyone to wear. You might not wear them during all of the day's activities, but you'll want them at certain points — for example, when you go for drinks and dancing in the evening. Contact a local custom T-shirt company to discuss the design of your bachelorette party tees. 

Identifying Information

You'll want the front of the T-shirt you design to provide some basic identifying information about the bachelorette party. You'll generally include the name of the bride-to-be and a fun slogan that you've come up with for the event. For example, your shirt design could read, "Lauren's Bachelorette Bash" or something similar. You may also want to include other applicable details, such as the date and the name of the city in which the bachelorette party is taking place. The design department of your custom T-shirt company can design this wording in a stylish manner to give the shirt a professional look.

Names Of Participants

It can also be fun to include the names of the participants in the bachelorette party somewhere on the shirt. One option is to have the names appear in a list down the back of the shirt. You'll want the bride's name at the top, followed by the maid of honor and the bridesmaids. If several other friends are attending, their names can appear on this list, too. Every participant will be excited to see their name on the shirt, and you can expect that everyone will keep this shirt as a fun memory of this festive occasion.

Social Media

It's common for bachelorette parties to have a big social media presence, so think about what social media information you want to appear on the shirt. A popular choice is to come up with a hashtag for the party. For example, it might be, "#laurenbash2022" or something similar. You can include this hashtag in an area of the shirt such as one of the sleeves. When your party's attendees post photos from the day on social media, they can quickly recall the hashtag you've chosen and use it so that people can easily browse your photos during and after the event.

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