Recommendations To Help You Find The Right Swaddling Blanket For Your Baby

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Recommendations To Help You Find The Right Swaddling Blanket For Your Baby

7 April 2022
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Babies come out of the womb accustomed to being snug in a warm position, so when you try to get them to sleep on a regular nightly basis and for naps, swaddling them is a great option. Swaddling your baby tucks their arms down at their sides to give them the snug feeling they are used to so it is helpful to find the best swaddling blankets and swaddles to accomplish this goal. The following provides some handy recommendations to help you with the right equipment and technique to swaddle your new baby for a good night's rest.

Understand the Swaddling Basics

Whether you choose to use a swaddling blanket or a swaddle cover, it is important to learn how to use them effectively so your baby stays calm and relaxed for their rest. Only use a swaddle when they are going to sleep, as it will provide them with a good routine that they learn and build their nighttime and nap sleep schedule.

The trick to swaddling your baby appropriately is to place their arms down by their sides and wrap the swaddling blanket tightly over them to secure their arms. Keep the lower part of their body swaddled more loosely so they can move their legs and hips around. Look for a swaddle blanket that provides soft fabric but also strong and durable Velcro or other attachments to keep the swaddling blanket lasting for several months.

Be Aware of Temperature

Your baby is going to need their swaddling to help them stay warm at night, especially since you probably don't want to keep blankets in their crib for safety reasons during their first few months of life. However, it is a good idea to get a basic understanding of how much coverage your baby needs while they sleep. You don't want your baby to get too warm at night or sweaty, as this can be uncomfortable and also dangerous for them. 

Make sure if you dress them in a onesie or zipper pajamas, that their swaddle blanket does not bulk them up too much to trap in their own body heat. Watch their neck and face for signs of redness or sweat, which is a sign they are getting too hot and you need to remove a layer. Some parents find that layering a swaddle blanket with a swaddle wrap over the top of the blanket provides good warmth but for others, it is too much. 

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