3 Ways To Make Your Work Uniform Stand Out

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3 Ways To Make Your Work Uniform Stand Out

15 May 2020
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Work uniforms help to create a professional appearance with the public, setting apart team members from anyone else who may be in the store or factory. However, since many people can feel like uniforms make them blend in, you can make little changes to create a truly unique look. Here are three ways to make your work uniform stand out. 

1. Ask About Supplemental Pieces

Oftentimes, employers offer options to their employees when it comes to work uniforms, offering everything from polos and specific khakis to vests, hats, and even alternate shirts. If you want to mix up your personal look, ask about supplemental pieces that could be acceptable to wear, such as a vest or a different style of shirt. You may be able to put your own personal spin on your work uniform by adding another approved piece of clothing. 

Before you add supplemental pieces to your work uniform, think about how it could impact your ability to do your job. If you work outside in a warmer environment, consider paring down the number of items you wear or opting for adding something simple, like a hat. 

2. Change the Way Your Wear the Gear

If your employer allows it, try wearing your work uniform a little differently than everyone else you work with. Consider tucking in your shirt, adding a pin to your tie, or rolling up your pant hems. By adjusting the way you wear the gear you have, you can make your look stand out without making any big adjustments. Talk with your human resources professional to ask about which adjustments are acceptable for the style the employer is going for. 

3. Experiment With Fit

You can also change the way you wear a work uniform significantly by experimenting with fit. By getting a smaller or larger size of pants or shirts, you can create a unique look. Consider getting a smaller size of pants or shirts if you have recently lost weight, or a larger version if you are going for a more relaxed look. 

Whether you are thinking about wearing a new work uniform or shifting into a new role, it can be helpful to be mindful of all of the ways you can differentiate yourself from other people you work with. By taking a little extra time to perfect your look, you can enjoy more confidence on the job and look great for any pictures you have to take for the job.