3 Mistakes To Avoid When Embroidering A Fleece Baby Blanket

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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Embroidering A Fleece Baby Blanket

12 October 2016
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Fleece is a cozy material that is perfect for a baby blanket. Personalizing it with embroidery makes it a great gift for a friend or family member. Unfortunately, mistakes made with the embroidery can cause your gift idea to fall flat. Here are some commonly made mistakes to avoid while personalizing the baby blanket.  

Selecting the Wrong Needle

Although embroidery needles might look similar, there are different needles for different jobs. If you use the wrong needle, you could have trouble passing the needle through the fabric or end up with a bunched up design that will not withstand washing.  

One of the first things to remember when selecting a needle is that lesser quality needles can easily break. You might have to spend more for a higher quality needle, but it could make completing the task at hand easier.  

In embroidery, you can choose between an embroidery or chenille needle for fleece. Both move easily through the fabric, but there is a difference between the two. Embroidery needles have a smaller eye and are thinner than chenille needles. Choose the needle that fits the floss you are using. If you have a thicker floss, a chenille needle is best.  

Forgetting the Back of the Blanket

No matter how beautiful the design is on the front of the baby's blanket, if the back is a mess, it can take away from the overall quality of the blanket. If you are inexperienced in embroidery, the back can present a special challenge. The floss can sometimes leave clumps in the back of the design or you could wind up with erratic looking stitching.  

The best way to avoid this is to take time and check your work periodically. If you notice a clump or other issue, you can stop and remove the stitching to correct the issue right then as opposed to having to make changes once the blanket is finished.  

Overestimating Your Skills

Although embroidery might look easy, it is not. It takes time and effort to develop the skills needed to pick the right fabrics and design and to actually implement the design plan. Unfortunately, some people overestimate their skills and end up with a product that they are less than pleased in.  

Since the baby blanket is an important gift, opting for a pre-embroidered blanket from a place like Storybook Blankie could help save you time and frustration. With a pre-embroidered blanket, you can find the design that you want and order the blanket to suit your needs.