Hard-Working Feet: Finding The Right Work Boot

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Hard-Working Feet: Finding The Right Work Boot

6 May 2015
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While tools are certainly needed to get any job done, many workers will agree that the boots they wear are the most important thing they can buy. For people who labor on their feet all day, having a high quality pair of work boots can mean the difference between an aching back and legs and a decent day on the job. Before you invest in your next pair of work boots, take a look at this helpful guide to ensure you find the right pair for you.

Types of Boots

No two pairs of work boots are created equal. In the construction industry, there may be different safety requirements and other criteria needed to make sure you meet all standards when it comes to proper footwear. Steel-toed boots are usually needed for jobs where you may drop something on your foot or you work in a heavily industrialized area. If you work outdoors in all sorts of weather, you might need a pair of rain- or weatherproof boots. For electricians, there are specially made boots designed to protect you in the event of a potential electrical hazard. You should also look for work boots with slip-resistant soles to help keep you on your feet and avoid falls.

The Construction of a Work Boot

Today's work boots come in many different styles and materials. Leather is a popular choice because of its long-lasting durability. Lined boots designed for colder weather are a good option for people who work outside in colder climates. Some people choose higher-laced boots to give them more ankle support, while others may prefer less eyelets so that their ankles can be more flexible. You can also purchase extras like cushioned insoles and waterproof liners to help extend the life of your boots. Prices for work boots really vary depending on the maker and the materials they're made from. High-quality boots typically range anywhere from about $90 to over $200 per pair, depending on the options you choose.

The Importance of Good Work Boots

Comfort is key when it comes to choosing a good pair of work boots. Quality soles that can flex and bend as you walk will make it easier on your knees and back. Cushioned insoles can help ease sore, tired feet. Support is imperative, since most people who are required to work on a job site are on their feet almost the entire day, including a lot of walking. Once you've found the right work boot, you will feel the difference each day you come home from a hard day's work. For more advice, speak with professionals like White's Boots.