3 Fun Ways To Make Your Baby's First Birthday A Success

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3 Fun Ways To Make Your Baby's First Birthday A Success

26 March 2015
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Planning your child's first birthday party can be a lot of fun, if you make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to plan and organize the entire party. This will allow you to be much less stressed on the day of the party because you know that everything is in place for a successful birthday party. This article will discuss 3 fun ways to make your baby's first birthday a complete success. 

Get Them A Personalized Baby T-Shirt

Since your baby only turns one once, you should definitely get them a personalized baby t-shirt made. This shirt can say anything about them turning one, and can come in a variety of colors. You can have a cute saying like, "I'm a big girl now", and then it can have a big one on the back so it looks like a jersey. You could also include your child's favorite characters, animals, or objects on the shirt to make it even more personalized to them. To make the party even more fun, you could have cool baby t-shirts created as party favors for all of the babies that attend the birthday party.

Hire A Photographer and Videographer

On your child's birthday you will want to witness everything, but you also will want to capture it forever. Rather than worrying the whole time about taking videos and pictures yourself, or having your spouse worry about taking them, you should hire a photographer and a videographer. They will be able to be "everywhere at once", and can capture your child playing with friends, eating cake for the first time, and every other important memory that you never want to forget. You can often get packages that come with both a photographer and a videographer for a lower price, so be sure to look for this. 

Make Their Smash Cake

Making your child's smash cake on your own is a great way to save money, and also to work on your cake making and decorating skills. Just remember, that although you really care what the cake looks like, all your child cares about is how it tastes. You should use a buttercream or a whipped frosting instead of a fondant, because these will be easier for your child to eat and dig into. Also, try to use frosting colors that go along with the theme of the party, and design that goes along with it as well. However, remember to keep it simple and make the process fun.